Take Control of Your Community Game Server

  • Commend, warn, kick, and ban players from your community
  • Record identifiers and information about your players
  • Record and monitor staff actions and statistics
  • All game-specific resources are open source!

Bringing a new meaning to server moderation

We provide all the tools you need to monitor and manage your game server as easily as possible

Our staff panel is designed to help you moderate your community game server with ease. We provide a variety of different features that help you to take control of your community so you can spend less time trying to find the players causing problems and more time focusing on what you do best.

  • Perform staff actions (warn/kick/etc) on the web panel or in-game
  • Execute RCON commands and send announcements to the chat
  • Easily find players with our flagging and trustscore systems

Keep in mind that some features are game-specific, so certain games may not be compatible with everything we offer.


Setup your community

Create a community and configure it however you would like, then add your staff members!


Setup your integration

Every game that we are compatible with will have a resource you will have to install and configure!


Read the docs

Game-specific setup can be difficult, so it's always a good idea to read the docs if you need help!

Our Games

Our project is still new, so we are still working on adding more games to our list.

Grand Theft Auto (FiveM)

This game is full supported and provides full integration with all available features of StaffWatch. In-game features include commend, warn, and kick commands.

More Games Coming Soon

We are still waiting on developers to help us make our integration packages. If you are a developer for a multiplayer game you think would work with StaffWatch, send us an email! The game must be one that contains community servers that allows custom resources and support RCON commands. The developer should have knowledge of programming in the game, and should understand HTTP requests and event triggers.

Active Communities

Online Servers

Online Players

Players in Database


We offer tons of cool features, but let's take a second to highlight a few of our most notable features.

Moderation Tools

Commend, warn, kick, and ban players using the web panel or an in-game command.

Automatic Trust System

Our system determines player trust scores and automatically flags players with low trust!


We record a user's identifiers, first & last played dates, playtime, staff actions, and more!

Report System

Players can report other players to your staff team using our in-game report system!


We offer three different subscription based plans to best suit your needs. Keep in mind, you can upgrade at any time for a prorated price!


$5per month

  • Access to the online panel
  • Game-specific integration
  • Up to 10 staff members
  • Support for multiple servers


$20per month

  • Access to the online panel
  • Game-specific integration
  • Unlimited Staff Members
  • Up to 10 different servers

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Currently, StaffWatch is still in beta and is only compatible with Grand Theft Auto using the FiveM framework. In the future, more games will be supported. If you want to take on this challenge yourself, you could build your own integration package using the API provided in the setup guide.

  • The answer is yes! You can modify your subscription at any time, and you will pay the prorated price, meaning that the amount you have already spent will be put towards the cost of the upgrade!

  • Sadly, the short answer is no. Data cannot be imported into our panel because of the way the database is set up. Our system uses a unique player ID to manage players rather than using a simple identifier such as a SteamID. This is essential for our panel, since we plan on supporting multiple different games. If you are just looking to preserve your existing bans, you will not be able to do it with StaffWatch, but you may be able to find a blacklist script you can use to stop those players from joining.

  • StaffWatch does not offer refunds, however, if you are unsatisfied with the service, you can contact us at [email protected] and we will work with you to resolve the issue. Additionally, you can cancel your subscription by selecting the "Payments" button on the top-right of the dashboard and selecting "Manage Subscription"; this will bring you to Stripe where you can directly cancel your subscription. We also note that under certain circumstances we may choose to offer refunds, but are at no obligation to do so.

  • We offer a variety of features that separate us from the competition. One of our most notable features is the flagging system, which labels a player on the server dashboard with a flag such as "High Trustscore" or "Recently Reported." Labels such as these help staff members determine which players in the server are most trustworthy and which players should be watched more closely. Another unique feature that we offer is our server dashboard, which gives you quick access to all of the functions you need to moderate your server. From the page, you can execute RCON, broadcast announcements in the chat, view server/event logs, handle incoming reports, and view a list of online players (with flags) as well as server statistics.


Have a question? Need more information? You can contact us directly using our email or you can join our support Discord!

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